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13 Social Media Plugins for Your Wordpess Blog


Social Media IconsI recently took a long trip into the world of WordPress plugins. I was specifically looking for plugins related to social media bookmarking and networking. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook can help you build a community of like-minded people, which is particularly important if you’re trying to monetize your blog. As I learned, there’s a ridiculous number of plugins, widgets, gadgets, sidebar whatchamacallits, and bright, shiny thingamajiggers for WordPress. Hopefully this list will save you some time if you’re looking for a way to make your WordPress blog more social. This post lists 13 WordPress plugins that make it easy for your readers to share and distribute your content

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Blog Design For New Blogs and Internet Businesses, Part 1

Our efforts continue to figure out what we want our blogs to look like. Do we want a two- or three-column blog? Slick or muted graphics? Textured, 3D look or subtle and spacious? And then there’s the color scheme to consider. Do we take the time to learn about blog design so we can do everything ourselves or do we get help?

Tammy and I are weighing out these choices carefully. The process is made tougher when we see these really slick-looking sites with neat, flashy graphic things going on where the graphics just seem to burst to life on the computer screen and dazzle the imagination. We do so enjoy the creative talent that goes into designing these one-of-a-kind blogs. It grabs our attention and then we start blissfully spinning out of control.

Eventually, we come to our senses again and put our feet back on the ground and pull our thinking caps back onto our feeble and overwhelmed heads. So what are we actually considering when making these choices for our own individual blogs? I’ll share with you some of what we’re thinking about as we’re going through this process. This is, by no means, comprehensive, but it’s a place to start, especially when you’re just getting started. This post will cover some of the basics of blog design. First, I’ll talk about the marriage between your audience and the purpose of your blog. Who are the people you want to find your blog and what interest or need has brought them to your blog? Next, I’ll talk about visual communication. What is the unspoken message you want your blog to convey to your readers when they arrive? What is the first impression you want to create in the minds of your readers and how do you create it?  I’ll conclude by giving you a collection of great resources for more education and tools for help with blog design. So, let’s get started…

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Four WordPress Themes You Shouldn’t Miss

evaluation If you’ve been following along lately, you know that Scott and I are working on establishing our own internet businesses. We’ll both be starting new blogs as part of the business model, and this week we’ve been spending a lot of time looking for that perfect WordPress theme. In this post, we’ll show you our “short list” of themes we’re considering for our business blogs – and we’d love to hear opinions from any of you who have used any of these themes. We’re probably going to be making our final decision this week.

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