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Video: Sneak Peek Inside Internet Business Mastery Academy


Internet Business Mastery AcademyAbout a year ago, Scott and I decided we were finally going to start internet businesses. Making that decision was the easy part! We then spent way too much time reading about internet business, scouring the internet, and blog-hopping from one “expert” to another in an effort to figure out exactly what we needed to do and how to do it. The payoff for all that time and effort was that we quickly got ourselves completely overwhelmed and were trying to move forward in about 14 different directions. Information is good. Knowing stuff is good. Sometimes trying to know too much stuff is just counter-productive. We desperately needed a step-by-step “roadmap” from one reliable source that would take us from start to finish without us having to figure it all out ourselves. When our heads stopped spinning, we re-grouped and decided to join Internet Business Mastery Academy. This post is somewhat of a review, but we really want to help you make your own decision about whether or not IBMA is the roadmap you need to get yourself¬† started (or unstuck) and to start making money online. The best way I know of to do that is to give you a peek behind the scenes. I’ll do that with the video below.

The other reason we wanted to give you this “behind the scenes” look is that the pricing structure for IBMA membership will be changing soon. If you’ve been “on the fence” about joining, now is the time to decide. We want to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision and get in on the current price before it goes up. If you get in now, your membership fee will remain at the current price even after the price goes up. Continue reading

Self-Employment Progress Update Video

We got a new toy (a groovy HD camcorder…with a remote!) so I decided to do a video update this week.¬† I really think the remote option should come with every flip-type camcorder. With more and more people doing videos on their blogs and websites, It makes sense to be able to sit in your chair and be able to start and stop recording without getting up or fiddling with your keyboard. I’ll do a review for our video camera after I’ve had some time to get more familiar with it. So far, I’m impressed with it, especially for doing blog videos. But you’ll have to let me know what you think. Does it work here or not?

Progress Overview

Overall, our frustrations with blog design and time management continue to be a thorn in our sides. However, we’re still making progress and we’re pretty excited about what we’re doing. You’ve gotta be stoked about your passion, otherwise, the first brick of frustration would knock you right out of the game. But we’re not going anywhere, except straight ahead, steady and strong.