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Change Occurs from the Inside Out

Motivation Series, Part 2.  You can read part 1 here.

It’s simple, really. What you think affects how you act. Everything you do consciously begins, first, with the thought of doing it. Certain thoughts of a specific quality, when habitually repeated, result in certain habits of behavior. Where you are today in life is a result of your habitual thoughts followed by habitual actions. You cannot consistently feed your mind negative thoughts and expect positive results.

Beyond Thinking

Whatever your goal, if you cannot first establish the belief, with conviction, that you can accomplish it, it’s unlikely that you will ever experience it in your life. Daydreaming is when you think about a goal but put no action behind it. Are you a daydreamer or a doer? Daydreamers complain about their lives then do nothing to change it. They say to themselves, “I’ve got to make a change…I want more out of life than this.” Then they let another day….another week….another month go by without taking action. A year later, they’re still frustrated, still complaining about the condition of their lives and still dreaming about some future that will never arrive. Continue reading

Introduction – Motivation Series, Part 1

How many times have you been inspired to change the world? How many times have you decided you were finally going to lose weight, change jobs or even start a new business? And after a great start (maybe a week or two), you lose steam and suddenly you’re facing the same life you were trying to leave behind. This has happened to me, countless times. And after years of false starts, I’ve learned a few things about motivation that I’m going to share with you. In this series, I’ll explore each of the following points:

  • Change occurs from the inside out
  • If you do things the same way, you’ll get the same results
  • Enthusiasm lasts about a week (maybe two)
  • People overlook small details that impact motivation and success
  • Conviction – digging deep to tap hidden reservoirs of power
  • Accountability – the secret key to goal achievement

As I share my understanding with you, I hope you learn something valuable from each post, something that will make a difference in your life. If you are thinking about ditching your day job to start a business or just trying to survive another day, I hope that you will follow this series and that you are strengthened and encouraged by a new or clearer understanding of motivation. In life, we’re going to always have challenges to face—some, we create, others unfold around us. But how we face them—with strength and confidence, or weak and unsure—makes all the difference in the world. Learn to think and act in a new way and everything around you will change. The survivors are the ones who never give up.

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Quit Your Job and Become Self-Employed – How I Plan to Do It!

While there’s no method that’s a sure-fire way to quit your job and become self-employed, I know for a fact that doing nothing actually is a sure-fire way to fail. And though there are many ways to accomplish this goal, I’m going to share with you how I plan to do it.

My Goal

By the end of 2011, I want to transition from working 40 hours per week on someone else’s terms to working for myself on my own terms, and to be making the same or more than I am presently making at my day job.

My Steps

  1. Select the first two potential streams of income that I’m interested in developing
  2. Develop a plan for each
  3. Work each plan, step-by-step
  4. Analyze results
  5. Adjust plan as needed
  6. Add additional streams as needed Continue reading

From Concept to Creation: The Birth of a Blog

This is the story of a couple of quitters; the story of two people who followed the dictates of society with miserable consequences until they decided to quit listening to a culture with mixed up priorities and misplaced dreams. This is the story of a married couple, both of whom chased other peoples’ ideas of success until they finally realized that nothing would ever satisfy them except to make their own neglected dreams a reality. This is the short history of A Couple of Quitters.

Dress for Success

Both Tammy and I have had similar experiences throughout our lives. We both listened to what everybody said about careers and money. We both had burning embers glowing deep inside us that, now and then, would roar into a flame that would light up our lives and the lives of those around us. While basking in the glow of our true selves following our inspirations, we were fully alive and wanted nothing more than to build our lives around what truly inspired us, around following the path of our true gifts and skills. Sadly, the glow from following our hearts quickly died down and almost burned out completely because we listened to society. We took the advice of our culture which stated the main agenda of adult life: to get an impressive and respectable job that paid a lot of money and to have fancy, expensive stuff to show for it. So we both dressed for success and grew more miserable every year. Continue reading

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m a Quitter!

Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. Okay, seriously… Most of what you’ll come to learn about me (including my super hero powers) will probably come from reading this blog and anything else I’ve written that you may come across on the Internet. But to give you some generalities, I’m male, for starters. And though I feel like I’m 30, I’m actually 41 years old and I’m just an ordinary guy. But I’m going to do something completely radical, even though it defies reason. I’m going to quit my job! Continue reading