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Take action

Less Info, More Action


Listen up, all you Internet business information junkies out there! It’s time for a little cold, hard reality; time for a slap in the face; time for some tough love.

How long have you been thinking about starting a blog or even an Internet business empire? How long have you been reading all the blogs from all the gurus of Internet business? You’ve been devouring all the latest business podcasts and you’ve sunk quite a few dollars into books, online courses, and all the latest whiz-bang techno-gadgets designed to help you get your blog and Internet business going fast.

Yet, here you are, still consuming more information, still planning, still brainstorming…and still no business. Continue reading

Announcing Behavior and Motivation – My New Blog is Live

At the time of this blog post, it’s Independence Day in the United States. Today is also the day I chose as my target day to launch my new blog. Symbolically, the launch of my new blog, Behavior and Motivation, represents another big step toward personal independence. I’m so excited that I was able to launch the blog today. Even though I still have some tweaking to do, It’s mostly done. And even though I had to find a balance between my original vision and what I could actually pull off, I’m very satisfied with the results. I’ve got big plans for Behavior and Motivation. I’ll be writing about them in the future. But for now, I’m happy to finally launch it and move into the next phase.

If you stop by my new blog, there is a Guestbook where you can leave general comments. It’s like the “wall” in Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, I have a fan page for my blog too. Go here to check that out. Anyway, I’m happy to share this exciting news. Let me know what you think of it.

Doing Nothing Won’t Change Your Life

Though I realize that this statement probably isn’t a news flash to anyone who reads here, sometimes it helps to be reminded of what inspired you to want to change your life. If my hunch is correct, you found A Couple of Quitters because you were searching for something. Maybe you don’t even know exactly what it is that you’re searching for. But I’m pretty certain that the impulse that started you out on your journey to find or create more meaning in your life began because you hate your job. Even if it’s not that, there’s something missing in your life and it probably relates to your present work or unemployment status.

A Clean Slate
There are a whole lot of people who are reflecting on their lives and wondering what they’ve accomplished. But I’m here to tell you that spending your time thinking about the past is worse than making the choices which created it in the first place. Let’s do something right here and now. Let’s wipe the slate clean. The past is in the past and there’s nothing you can do about it. But this moment, my friend, is special. What you do in the next moment is totally up to you. What you do in ten seconds is completely your choice. Where you spend your precious time next week is something in which you have a vote. Give yourself permission to stop thinking about how your sucky choices have created less than what you expected of yourself in life. And start doing the very thing you’ve been considering…DO SOMETHING!

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12 Ways To Get Your Motivational Groove Back

The following is a copy of my recent guest post at MotivateThyself.com.

Ever have those days where you’re sitting on the couch with the TV remote in your hand going over the same tired channels again and again while you’re thinking, “Okay, I really need to get motivated!”? Has your life fallen into and endless routine of sameness where one day blurs into the next? Do you think about how just a few years ago, you were motivated, energized and very active but you don’t know how to get it back?

For some reason, many people, at one time or another, seem to innocuously slip into the no-motivation zone while their attention is somewhere else. We suddenly wake up and realize that we have no ambition anymore. Why? While there are a million reasons for this, you don’t need to know them all before taking steps to get your motivation groove back. Here’s a list of 12 motivation tricks that can give you the jolt you need to snap out of your sleep-walking life.

  1. Start a new relationship. You don’t have to replace your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but simply starting a new relationship with a new and interesting person with whom you have a lot in common can add some spice to your week and move you out of the doldrums. Go somewhere new and strike up a conversation. It works!
  2. Pick up a new hobby. This is especially nice if you can involve a friend–perhaps a new friend! Also, if you have children, a spouse or significant other, start together and enjoy each other’s company. Picking up a new hobby or reconnecting with an old one can jazz you up and substantially boost your level of motivation.
  3. Work out! Yes, I know this idea may hurt, at first, but if you don’t overwhelm yourself, in a very short amount of time, you’ll begin to feel like a million bucks. Grab a friend, set a goal, and hold each other accountable. Working out with a friend is a great motivator and so is losing weight and looking better. Don’t focus on what you’ll be losing (free time, excuses to be lazy), focus on what you’ll gain (feeling better, looking great). If you take exercise seriously, the gains you make in your energy level, your confidence, and your motivation will skyrocket. Continue reading

Don’t Find a Perfect Career…Create One!

I had coffee with a friend at Starbucks recently. We talked about people who started businesses and how they came up with the idea for their business. For many of them, the best ideas came when they recognized a specific need that hadn’t yet been filled. As we talked, I offered ideas on how to find a match between his passions and a new career. When it comes to my life, all I have to do is look at how I’ve done it and tell someone the opposite, since it has taken me many years to make this connection.

As we talked, I thought about how many different ways a person can possibly find the “perfect” job or career. I also thought that most of those ways were probably not the best match for my friend. I told him that I really hoped he didn’t find a perfect career. I know that this sounds rather backward, but I explained to him that I would rather see him create a perfect career. He’s sort of an unconventional guy. He’s willing to go against the grain and not follow the crowd down a trail that leads to an uninspiring destiny in some career or job that bores him to tears. He’s the kind of guy who likely would be happier if he were self-employed or developed a few sources of passive income. He’s a creative guy, so I encouraged him to try to think of ways he could tap into that creativity and develop a career out of it.

Blending Passion with Possibilities

Every day our paths cross so many potential products or services that have never been invented…we walk right by them or we even wish we had them but they don’t exist yet and so we never notice the opportunity in spite of the fact that it might be right in front of our faces. Once you start thinking about blending your passions with possibilities, your mind goes to work on solving this puzzle. Suddenly, you begin to notice things; ideas start hitting you out of the blue. If you were to start noting all these ideas, you would soon have a list of so many ideas that you don’t have time to pursue them all. But all you really need is one good idea; one idea that fits your skill set, your imagination, or your passion. Then the possibilities open up for you. Continue reading