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Update: Business Blogs Launched!


We're Open!A couple of months ago, I wrote about a “Kick in the Butt” that Scott and I had come up with to help move us forward and (finally!) get our business blogs launched. Basically, we had bought tickets to see a concert at Virginia Beach and we agreed that if we didn’t launch our blogs by midnight on July 10th, we wouldn’t go to the concert. Well, I’m happy to report that we thoroughly enjoyed the Jack Johnson concert, and the beach, and the successful launch of our blogs! We made a long weekend of it, and it was a nice celebratory break for us. This was an eye-opening experiment for us, and really made us realize how dependent we’ve become on the system of “rewards and consequences” that is so prevalent in the typical 9-to-5 workplace. Even though launching our blogs was something we wanted to do and something that we both considered a priority, we had trouble actually taking the necessary action to get it done, until there was a consequence in place to hold us accountable and motivate us to act quickly and consistently. Of course, we eventually want to be able to “get it done” without a promise of reward or a threat of punishment, and we’re working on that. But for now, we’re doing what works for us. And the best part is, we have a tan and two live blogs to show for it…

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Update: Overcoming Obstacles Without Giving Up

Whew! It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on our progress toward starting our businesses and quitting our jobs; we’re definitely overdue. I actually recorded a video update since our last update but I wasn’t happy with the outcome. The lighting was so poor, I couldn’t bring myself to post it here. But I’m using a new video camera and I’m still learning how to best use it. Anyway, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I want to start with a little background before I get into specifics.

My computer has been getting progressively more feeble over the past 6 months. It finally got to the point where I was struggling to do almost everything because my computer was getting so slow and flaky. So I finally decided enough was enough and I bought a new computer (a high-end Alienware computer, BTW). My old computer was also an Alienware but I had it for several years. Presently, I’m still working on porting over everything from my old computer to my new one, so that’s slowing me down a bit, but my computer is 10x more powerful. So this change will pay off very soon in terms of productivity while on my computer.

Tammy and I recently spent a little more than a week visiting my family in Michigan. It was totally a blast and we ended up getting addicted to Rock Band. Sometimes, it’s great to step away from your projects so you can get a fresh perspective. On that note, we have some exiting news, but Tammy will cover that in a separate post soon. I’m certain that you will understand why it’s exciting and it also may help you take a big, meaningful step that you may be struggling to complete. Keep watching for this important post! Okay, now for the business progress update. Here’s what’s new since our last update: Continue reading

Video: Sneak Peek Inside Internet Business Mastery Academy

Internet Business Mastery AcademyAbout a year ago, Scott and I decided we were finally going to start internet businesses. Making that decision was the easy part! We then spent way too much time reading about internet business, scouring the internet, and blog-hopping from one “expert” to another in an effort to figure out exactly what we needed to do and how to do it. The payoff for all that time and effort was that we quickly got ourselves completely overwhelmed and were trying to move forward in about 14 different directions. Information is good. Knowing stuff is good. Sometimes trying to know too much stuff is just counter-productive. We desperately needed a step-by-step “roadmap” from one reliable source that would take us from start to finish without us having to figure it all out ourselves. When our heads stopped spinning, we re-grouped and decided to join Internet Business Mastery Academy. This post is somewhat of a review, but we really want to help you make your own decision about whether or not IBMA is the roadmap you need to get yourself  started (or unstuck) and to start making money online. The best way I know of to do that is to give you a peek behind the scenes. I’ll do that with the video below.

The other reason we wanted to give you this “behind the scenes” look is that the pricing structure for IBMA membership will be changing soon. If you’ve been “on the fence” about joining, now is the time to decide. We want to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision and get in on the current price before it goes up. If you get in now, your membership fee will remain at the current price even after the price goes up. Continue reading

Internet Business Mastery Academy: Our Mid-Term Review

Classroom Back in July, we joined Internet Business Mastery Academy, and gave you a peek at what we got accomplished on Day 1 at The Academy. Since then, we’ve made some good progress toward starting our online businesses. Now we’re on Lesson 7 at the Academy and we’ve had plenty of time to dig in and find our way around, so we wanted to give you a more thorough review of what you’ll find there, what we like about it, and what we’re less than thrilled with.

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Our Self-Employment Progress This Week

update1Every day is getting better and better because each day I get closer to the time when I can quit my day job. Every week, we set up our goals and knock ‘em down. And this week was no different. Not only did we nail down things on our list, we also got to some other things.

I can really feel them momentum building. It seems like it took so long to file papers and set up our LLCs. The process could have probably taken less time but I’m still working 40 hours per week at my day job. Plus, sometimes we had to wait for other people to process papers. These things take time, no matter how fast you want to go. Fast or slow, we’re making progress every week.

Here’s what we got done this week:

  • We met with a CPA
  • I registered my fictitious name (at the state level)
  • Continuing health insurance research
  • Selected a WordPress theme for our blogs
  • Studied at the Internet Business Mastery Academy
  • Research and development for our blogs
  • Set a launch date for our blogs

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Our Self-Employment Progress This Week

update1Guess what? We actually began doing some of the fun stuff we’ve been looking forward to doing. YES! Over the past few months, we’ve been so busy planning, and checking off all the boring (but absolutely necessary) steps needed to start off with really strong business foundations.

If you are starting a work-from-home business and you’ve chosen the path (rather, adventure) of starting an LLC and all that goes with it, I suggest you keep up with our weekly progress reports. You’ll get a really good overview of the process as we share what we’re doing every week toward starting our own online businesses. But what’s more important, don’t just read what we’re doing, go out there and start a business online. So many people say they want to but don’t know where to start. Well, HERE is the place to start…and NOW is the time to start! Our progress this week was comprised of the following:

  • I registered my fictitious name (at the county level)
  • More health insurance research
  • Researched WordPress themes
  • Studied at the Internet Business Mastery Academy

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How To Protect Your Business Funds From Hijackers

MoneyMouseTrap This month, we’ve been making some decent progress getting all the legal aspects of our businesses set up. Not exactly fun stuff, I’ll admit, but necessary. Friday we’ll be seeing an attorney who specializes in small businesses. Hopefully he’ll be able to answer the questions we have and help us get all the legal aspects finalized. One of the next things on our to-do list is to open our business checking accounts. When you’ve established a business, it’s important to keep your business and personal finances separated. It just makes good business sense – for bookkeeping and legal purposes. You can file all your LLC paperwork correctly, but you need to actually operate your business as a business in order to ensure the legal protections (like limited liability) that creating an LLC can provide.

As you know, we’ve been studying the courses at Internet Business Mastery Academy and using their step-by-step instructions for launching our internet businesses. Of course, we can’t pass along all the information we’re learning there, because it wouldn’t be fair to Sterling and Jay, who have put a lot of time and effort into creating the Academy. With that said, once in a while, we learn something at the Academy that’s just too important not to share with you. In a recent course, Sterling and Jay shared a really good tip for further protecting your business funds. Whether you’re going to formally establish a business, or go the more informal route – if you’re doing business on the internet, this is an easy but essential step you should take to protect your money. And because it’s so important, we wanted to pass this tip on to you…

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