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Finally! Get Organized and Get It Done.


DisorganizedI’m gonna let you in on a secret of mine. Don’t tell anyone else okay? I suck at the whole “getting stuff done” thing. Not just a little. I mean like 13 shades of suck. I was born without the “time management” gene.  I truly admire people who can juggle work, kids, hobbies, and 5 to-do lists and still have time to pee and sleep. Amazing. I’m not one of those people.

If you can relate, then read on. I may have (finally!) found a solution to help me get on track, stay on track, and get things done before the proverbial “hell freezes over” scenario. If you’re struggling with getting things done, maybe it’ll help you out too. No affiliate links here, just a really awesome program I found that I wanted to pass along to you in case you’re struggling with time management.

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4 Free Tools for Cross-Browser Testing. What Does Your Site REALLY Look Like to Your Visitors?

Cross-Browser TestingIf you’re kind of a newb at web or blog design (like we are), this may be a revelation to you: That awesome-looking website that you just spent the last month of your life creating may very well look like crap to half of your visitors. I know, life does occasionally suck. Undoubtedly your mama mentioned that life ain’t always fair, right? Well, this is one of those occasions. They say “variety is the spice of life,” but in this case variety can be a big ol’ pain in the…umm…elbow. In this case, variety means that there are a bunch of variables that  can drastically affect the way your website looks to your visitors. A lot of these variables are completely out of your control because these days it’s all about user preference and usability. If your rebel visitors really want to view your website  in a postage-stamp sized browser window using a browser you’ve never even heard of, there’s not much you can do about it. Ok, don’t panic. Good news is, there are some easy and free tools you can use to do some cross-browser testing so you can at least know what your users are seeing when they visit your site. Armed with that insight, you can make your best attempt at designing your site to appeal to the vast majority of your users.  Continue reading

Contest: Win a Free Copy of Headway 1.5!

Web Candy Listen up, folks! There’s a contest going on that you’re NOT going to want to miss! I discovered it while browsing around on Corey Freeman’s Headway Hacks website. Three lucky people are going to win a FREE copy of Headway 1.5! Not only that, but your site will be customized for you by a professional designer!! This is like the contest of the century. Not familiar with Headway? Check out the Headway 1.5 preview video below and be dazzled!

How to Enter the Contest

For full rules of entry and an entry form, go to the Contest page at Headway Hacks. The contest is being judged by the Headway developers themselves! Basically, for entry into the contest, you have to submit the answer to this question: What kind of Website would YOU build with Headway? The top 3 ideas will get their Websites created (using Headway) for FREE! This is so totally awesome! The contest ends December 10, 2009. And for crying out loud…check out Headway Hacks and hire Corey for Headway design and coaching! Let us know if you’re one of the winners so we can check out your Website. Good Luck!

WASTED! Playing Online Games Instead of Working

Warning: Do Not Read This Post!

Web Candy If you are struggling to make progress on your goals; if you’re trying to start an online business or quit your job to be self-employed, you might be better off skipping today’s Web Candy. If you ever hope to be a successful entrepreneur or a work-from-home guru, I urge you to go get something done instead of reading this post!

Still with me? Okay, you’ve been warned.

I would like to report that no brain cells were harmed during the research for this web candy. However, that would be a lie. I’m not going to sugar coat this and tell you I never get sucked in by a clever game or any online time-wasting sites. That would be a lie. But I do want to warn you of a virus you can get while playing online games. This virus doesn’t affect your computer, if affects your mind. Continue reading

A Free Viral Marketing Tool With A Mind-Blowing Twist (or Two)

We’ve got some really good Web Candy for you this weekend! As you know We’ve been diving head-first into the whole Affiliate Marketing and Pay-Per-Click  Advertising thingy recently. I’ve checked out more than a few E-books, “systems” and “programs” that have promised to rock my world, make me a millionaire, and do it all so quick it wouldWeb Candy leave my head spinning. Y’all don’t know me very well yet, but I’m not a very gullible person, and I’m not an “easy sell” when it comes to such hyped-up claims. I admit, my attention has been grabbed by a couple of product launch email campaigns and I’ve excitedly waited for the next “big thing” to launch, only to find out that it’s $900 or more. No thanks. But as I’ve been learning, I have invested in a few less costly (ok, just plain cheap) E-books and “systems” in an effort to “get up to speed” on how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Of all the stuff I’ve read and studied, though, this one little E-book I came across keeps popping into my mind. Which is kind of weird, because it was free. Funny how you can get your hands on a free thing and let it collect dust for a week or two, while you throw your hard-earned money at other products and devour them instantly. I read this free E-book again this week and it finally “sunk in.” Then I abruptly proceeded to kick my own ass for skimming over it so quickly before. I gave the book to Scott and told him to drop what he was doing and read it. I really wanted to see if it had the same impact on him as it did on me. Well, I had a lot of fun watching Scott’s reactions as he read it. Especially when he got to the “rule-breaking” twists near the end. He laughed out loud. He shook his head in disbelief. He questioned his own sanity. Oh wait, we do that daily anyway. By the end of the book, Scott was literally insisting that we have to do this. Oh yes. I already did. And if you have any interest in affiliate marketing, making passive income, or creating a viral EBook, I’m guessing you’re going to have the same reaction. Why? Well, at the risk of sounding like a hyped-up affiliate marketing infomercial, this free eBook is really freakin’ genius.

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Free Resources for the Aspiring Affiliate Marketer

Ok, first of all let me apologize for my absence lately. As I explained in an earlier post, I have a new part-time gig as a home nurse. That gig is still demanding a huge amount of time. Good news is, mom is doing fairly well, and will hopefully be all “put back together” and all will be back to normal in a couple of months. Until then, Scott – with his new gig as, well…unemployed – will continue to write his little fingers to the bones to pick up my slack. What a guy, huh? Ok, ‘nuff said. On to this weekend’s Web Candy…

Web Candy


Lately, I’ve been focusing more of my attention on finding an income stream that looks like it may have the possibility of creating the most amount of income in the least amount of time. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? If you’ve ever done your own research along these lines, you’ve no doubt come across a ton of information about Affiliate Marketing and/or “PPC” (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising. In case this is completely new to you, I’ll give you a brief explanation. For today’s Web Candy I’ll pass along some of the best freebies I’ve found to help you learn what it’s all about, how it works, and how to do it right.

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20 Great Freebies for Social Media, Productivity, Business, and Blogging

Web Candy We recently got the latest issue of PC World and it’s all about one of our favorite things: FREE Stuff! So, in case you don’t subscribe to PC World, we wanted to pass along some of the free goodies that look like they’d be the most interesting and useful to our fellow Quitters. Because we’re nice like that, and because that’s what Web Candy is all about. Feel free to post your favorite free goodies in the comments section. Enjoy!

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