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Quitter Profile: Nate Damm


Nate DammYou know how it is…you sit at your computer, as if you are meditating, and you go on a journey across the vast reaches of the Internet, following one site after another. You just sort of go wherever your interests lead you, stopping briefly, first here, now there; only long enough to see if anything catches your attention. It can be very cathartic wandering around like that. On one such  trip around the netosphere, I happened upon the blog of someone I knew from Twitter. The title of his blog, The Way That You Wander, caught my attention. Finding a couple of post titles that looked interesting, I began reading. Sometimes, blog posts can drag on for days and no matter how awesome they may be, I sometimes just don’t have the time (or the attention span) to finish them. But this guy, Nate, was good at writing short but insightful posts–each one got me thinking. Nate sometimes uses movies, quotes or everyday experiences from which he gleans a bit of wisdom or makes a poignant observation that he shares with his readers. Since I like thinking and exploring the nature of life, Nate’s style appeals to me. He’s honest and open, optimistic and engaging…and he’s trying to become a Quitter.

I’ve gotten to know Nate better since I first wandered onto his blog. He’s a regular guy trying to create something unique in his life. He’s following the modern trend that, in the past, would have been considered a path of losers and ne’er-do-wells. Society doesn’t look too kindly on the unconventional lifestyle one chooses when one decides to work for him or herself rather than dutifully accept the standard 40-hours-per-week misery known as a typical day job (although Nate’s day job is actually pretty cool already). But working for someone else isn’t for me and it’s not for Nate either. And since we’re all in this together, I thought I would introduce you to Nate who hopes to soon join the ranks of other Quitters and be his own boss. (Be sure to visit his blog for some good reading.) And now, here’s Nate… Continue reading

“Work” is Not a Dirty Word

There is no shame in working at a typical 9-5 job. I understand that it may seem a bit ironic that I would make this statement, since my goal is to quit working for someone else, but it’s important to understand that work is not the enemy. Every day, I see various buzz words like “lifestyle design”, “4-hour work week”, “outsourcing”, and “fire your boss” as part of a wildly growing trend of leaving behind traditional employment or “work” as though having a job and working for someone else is a bad thing. But “work” is not a dirty word.

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you’re already planning to quit your day job, or are at least thinking about it. But before you follow through with that plan, I think it’s important for you to understand your motivation. I believe that a lot of people who catch the quit-your-job fever don’t really have a good fix on why they want to quit. Is it the lure of “easy money” from a “get rich quick” scheme? Maybe you’re just sick of your job or you don’t like the people you work with. If someone feels like her life force is being sucked out of her, or like she’s withering away due to a complete lack of motivation and inspiration at work, it’s easy to see how the idea of quitting your job is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If this is your situation, it’s obvious that some kind of change is badly needed. But if you don’t know where you are going, how can you get there? Continue reading

100 Best Small Business Podcasts 2009

Web CandyWhether you’re just starting out on your journey to work-from-home bliss, or you’re already a self-employed, small-business entrepreneur; whether you’re planning a brick-and-mortar empire with hundreds of employees or you want to rule the Web with an online business making tons of passive income, all businesses start off as ideas and often spring from small-business ventures. If you’re like us, chances are you have questions that need to be answered. Everybody could use a mentor or source for advice or tips that tap into the pulse of today’s small-business world. Well, this week’s Web Candy is sure to be a tasty treat if you want to take your business to the next level. Continue reading

Web Candy: Internet Business Mastery

webcandy-thumb.jpgA few years ago, I read a book called The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and it rocked my world. The book was so great that I went out and bought the audio book so I could listen to at work, in my car, while mowing the grass, etc. After consuming the book several times, I began looking for more inspiration similar to The 4-Hour Work Week. Since I’m a big fan of podcasts, I began looking for audio programs that would inform and inspire me like the Ferriss book did. That’s when I discovered Internet Business Mastery, the podcast and companion website.

Listening to the early episodes of the Internet Business Mastery podcast, I was initially excited about finding such a gem that was also very popular. It was clear that these guys, Jeremy Frandsen (a.k.a. Sterling) and Jason Van Orden (a.k.a. Jay), were also inspired by Tim Ferriss and his classic book. But after a few months of listening, my interest began to wane. A lot of their material seemed like it was a retelling of the Ferriss material and at the time,  I believed that Ferriss offered a better delivery. However, those were the early days for this duo. They were very likable guys and it was obvious that they were dedicated to providing the best content that they were capable of delivering. But eventually, my iPod play list moved into a different direction and I put the Internet Business Mastery guys on the back burner.

Fast forward to the present…

Though I wasn’t listening to their podcast regularly, I was still on their mailing list. I couldn’t bare to delete their emails, even if I wasn’t reading them, simply because it seemed like they were on to something good. So one day, not long ago, I skimmed an email and got sucked right back in. I was so intrigued by the content of the email, I decided to throw some recent episodes of their podcast onto my iPod…and I LOVED IT!! Continue reading

The 10/10/10 Plan for Identifying Your New Business

The following is an excerpt from a guest post I wrote for Business Opportunities Weblog.

There is a growing interest in starting small businesses. So many people want to start businesses but don’t know how exactly to begin. Although there are many steps, from start to finish, that will need to be taken before your business is fully viable, here is something you can try and see if it will kick-start your progress and get you past the first step—identifying what business you want to start.

The 10/10/10 Plan

  1. Make a list of 10 areas of interest or things you are passionate about.
  2. Select your top item from the list and make a list of 10 ways to produce, promote, package, sell, or provide this as a business.
  3. Select your top method from the list, and then make a list of 10 action steps you can take to move forward with your plan.

This may seem like a simple method, and it is really. But the results of a simple method are sometimes easier to achieve because you haven’t overcomplicated everything along the way. The great thing is, you can easily repeat the process until you’ve found your true inspiration. Let’s take a more detailed look at each step.

To read more of this post, click here. Another guest post I wrote for BOW can be found here: “Nine Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals”.

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Web Candy: Three Great Websites for Budding Entrepreneurs

imageToday, many people are information junkies. And that can be just as good as it can be bad.  But I think it’s better to have too much information than not enough. Gone are the days when people worked at one job their whole lives and retired happy. It’s more likely that most people will change jobs and careers several times (or more) during their prime working years. Another trend that continues to develop is people divorcing themselves from the 40-hour-per-week treadmill and replacing it with a mobile lifestyle, work-from-home income, or even starting their own business. Self-employment is becoming more common as people reorganize their work and family lives to include fulfilling work that also increases the ability to spend more time with family.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur who’s just getting started, you’re going to need meaningful resources that can serve as a springboard for your venture or as a hub of information when specific knowledge is needed. Here are three sites that anyone considering some kind of entrepreneurial project should bookmark and use as trusted resources. Continue reading

Web Candy: Business Opportunities Weblog

webcandy-thumb.pngI don’t know about you, but I consider myself an idea person. I suspect that most entrepreneurs or enterprising individuals probably consider themselves the same. If you’re in that category, then I suggest that you surf on over to Dane’s Carlson’s Business Opportunity Weblog. His site is a treasure-trove of start-up opportunities and real-life stories. It’s just the kind of site for people looking for a little inspiration or stimulation for their own enterprising ideas.

BOW has been serving the entrepreneur community since 2001. From the “About” page, the site is described as “a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is presented like a weblog with chronological archives and extensive outbound links.” Continue reading