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Looking Back at 2010


Since we started this blog, we’ve been trying to keep you all up to date with our activities to let you know how close we are to becoming a couple of quitters. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that this blog serves as a journal for us as we strive to start Internet businesses and make enough money to be able to quit our day jobs. The blog also allows us to share what we learn in the form of tools, tips, and lessons gleaned from our experiences.

The Blog Launch

Last year on Independence Day (here in the US, that’s July 4th), I launched behaviorandmotivation.com. In case you’re wondering, yes, I did choose to launch on that day for symbolic purposes. Since I still have a day job and work 40 hours per week or more, I’ve learned a few things about the entire process of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur. I’ll share some of those lessons in a future post. For now, I want to bring you up to speed. Continue reading

Self-Employment Progress Report for August 2009

As recently reported, Tammy and I joined the Internet Business Mastery Academy (IBMA) in July. It’s been over a month now and we’ve seemed to hit a wall. Not due to lack of ambition or priority, but due to scheduling difficulties and putting out mini fires. This is what you call, “life” happens. I’m not going to get into some of the “life” that’s going on around here because it’s probably typical stuff that would bore you. But I do want to point out that I consider our situation to be the rule rather than the exception.

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A Free Viral Marketing Tool With A Mind-Blowing Twist (or Two)

We’ve got some really good Web Candy for you this weekend! As you know We’ve been diving head-first into the whole Affiliate Marketing and Pay-Per-Click  Advertising thingy recently. I’ve checked out more than a few E-books, “systems” and “programs” that have promised to rock my world, make me a millionaire, and do it all so quick it wouldWeb Candy leave my head spinning. Y’all don’t know me very well yet, but I’m not a very gullible person, and I’m not an “easy sell” when it comes to such hyped-up claims. I admit, my attention has been grabbed by a couple of product launch email campaigns and I’ve excitedly waited for the next “big thing” to launch, only to find out that it’s $900 or more. No thanks. But as I’ve been learning, I have invested in a few less costly (ok, just plain cheap) E-books and “systems” in an effort to “get up to speed” on how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Of all the stuff I’ve read and studied, though, this one little E-book I came across keeps popping into my mind. Which is kind of weird, because it was free. Funny how you can get your hands on a free thing and let it collect dust for a week or two, while you throw your hard-earned money at other products and devour them instantly. I read this free E-book again this week and it finally “sunk in.” Then I abruptly proceeded to kick my own ass for skimming over it so quickly before. I gave the book to Scott and told him to drop what he was doing and read it. I really wanted to see if it had the same impact on him as it did on me. Well, I had a lot of fun watching Scott’s reactions as he read it. Especially when he got to the “rule-breaking” twists near the end. He laughed out loud. He shook his head in disbelief. He questioned his own sanity. Oh wait, we do that daily anyway. By the end of the book, Scott was literally insisting that we have to do this. Oh yes. I already did. And if you have any interest in affiliate marketing, making passive income, or creating a viral EBook, I’m guessing you’re going to have the same reaction. Why? Well, at the risk of sounding like a hyped-up affiliate marketing infomercial, this free eBook is really freakin’ genius.

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Self-Employment Progress Report for May 2009

I’m always fascinated by the way life throws completely unexpected challenges at me from time to time. I am on a mission to generate enough income so I can quit my day job. However, I just got laid off from my day job and I’m not yet making any consistent and dependable money through other means. Because of this, I’m not ready to quit my day job just yet. So now I’m looking for a new job, which is always a difficult task for me because I’m usually not interested in most of the jobs that are available.

I have been considering going into behavior specialist work again but that is such a huge commitment and often requires days, evenings, weekends and holidays. I’m not sure I want to be on call like that. Plus, if all goes well, I’ll be quitting my job next year and I don’t like the idea of forming close relationships only to quit my job next year. It’s hard for at-risk youths to form trusting relationships. So it would be like pulling the rug out from under them by quitting next year. Anyway, I’m leaning away from that work but this could change if the right job came along. For now, I’m just looking for something that will serve my needs long enough to get my other projects going.

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Unemployment: A Blessing or A Curse?

A funny thing happened to me last week. Here I was, just minding my own business, when I got a friendly call from the HR woman where I work. We exchanged pleasantries, had a brief chat, and said our goodbyes. I mean, we said our goodbyes! That’s right, I got laid off. I am now jobless. I made it through several waves of layoffs over the last several months. Our company was already down to just bones. And now, they’re hitting marrow. It’s so bad that the HR woman even told me that she was getting laid off too. Imagine that! So she had to call herself and inform her that she was laying herself off. Yes, I know that’s a bit twisted, but things are tough all over, right?

So here I am in week 2 of being newly unemployed. What’s my next move? This situation is sort of a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because I now have more time to spend working on my projects and exploring other ways to make money. It’s a curse because this is a really tough time to be looking for another job. Plus, I’m not ready to abandon my 40-hour work week, just yet. This may come as a surprise to you because the whole point of this website is to quit my day job. So maybe my former place of employment did me a favor, right? Some people would say I should buckle down and put all my energy into developing other sources of work-from-home income so I don’t have to go back to working at a day job. But, honestly, I’m just not ready for that yet. Continue reading

Create, Promote, and Sell Your First EBook—From Start to Finish

The purpose for this series is to share what I learn as I create, promote and sell my first eBook. This whole process, I have to admit, is a little intimidating to me because I only have a vague idea of how to create, promote and sell an eBook. I’ve resisted the temptation to trash the idea of writing this series and only posting about it if things go well. But, we created this website as a vehicle for sharing what we learn, even if it comes from failing, I mean, delayed success. So sharing the process of eBook creation and sharing what I learn as I’m learning it, will hopefully serve as a guide for others who want to create their own eBook but don’t know where to start. This is where I’m starting.

Starting from Scratch

I can’t say that I have absolutely no knowledge of how this process works. The truth is, I have a general idea. I know that it’s best to write from what you know through education, experience or both. I know how to create a pdf file, which apparently is the most common format for eBooks. I have purchased a couple of eBooks and I know a little about what prompted me to buy them. Again, this is all general—even vague—knowledge. But having general knowledge really doesn’t compare to having specific knowledge. However, I tend to be pretty analytical so I’m hoping that will work strongly in my favor.

So where do you begin when you don’t know where to begin? Obviously, I can at least begin working on my content. Other than that, I know eventually, I’ll need to set up a way to sell my eBook. If you’re new here, I’ll tell you a little about what I’m creating. My plan is to make two eBooks:

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My Self-Employment Progress Report for March 2009

I think it’s about time to post a status report with the details of my progress-or lack thereof-with regards to my mission here. My goal is to quit my job and work for myself on my own terms by the end of 2010. I plan to do this by establishing income (hopefully passive) until I’m making enough to quit my job. You can read more about this by checking out our About Us page.

Tammy and I started this blog for a few reasons: 1) To share our experiences as we go through the process of creating our new careers; 2) As a way to hold ourselves accountable by telling everyone what we’re planning to do and admitting when we’ve messed up or slacked off; and 3) To help others who want to do what we’re trying to do.

We’re going to make mistakes. We’re also going to come up against issues and problems that we won’t know how to solve. We’re going to have great ideas but no clue how to get them up and running. We’ll change our minds-probably a lot-as we figure out how to do what we want to do. And you’ll be able to read all about it; about our confusion, about our plans, about our successes, and our near-misses. Continue reading