Three Good Reasons to Start a Blog

Out of the bazillion sites in the blogosphere, you’ve finally found your way to A Couple of Quitters. Welcome. Because you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve spent plenty of quality time daydreaming about how awesome it would be if you could quit your day job, stop working 40 hours (or more) every week, and find some other source of income that doesn’t require you to do 98% of the crap you’re currently doing to pay the bills. Well, you aren’t the only grape in that bunch.

For years now, Scott and I have been sharing that same daydream. We want to quit our jobs, work from home doing things we actually enjoy doing, and preferably make more money doing it. If we could pull that off, it would give us more time to enjoy life, family, and friends. We would have the freedom to set our own hours, and take time off when we want it. Sounds good, right? Well, theoretically that’s how it’ll work. Of course, there’s always the possibility that we’ll fail miserably and end up selling hot dogs from a cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Nevertheless, we’ve finally decided to take a chance and try to make our dream a reality. Hooray for us. But, why would we want to blog about it? Glad you asked. There are a few reasons why we started this blog: Continue reading

From Concept to Creation: The Birth of a Blog

This is the story of a couple of quitters; the story of two people who followed the dictates of society with miserable consequences until they decided to quit listening to a culture with mixed up priorities and misplaced dreams. This is the story of a married couple, both of whom chased other peoples’ ideas of success until they finally realized that nothing would ever satisfy them except to make their own neglected dreams a reality. This is the short history of A Couple of Quitters.

Dress for Success

Both Tammy and I have had similar experiences throughout our lives. We both listened to what everybody said about careers and money. We both had burning embers glowing deep inside us that, now and then, would roar into a flame that would light up our lives and the lives of those around us. While basking in the glow of our true selves following our inspirations, we were fully alive and wanted nothing more than to build our lives around what truly inspired us, around following the path of our true gifts and skills. Sadly, the glow from following our hearts quickly died down and almost burned out completely because we listened to society. We took the advice of our culture which stated the main agenda of adult life: to get an impressive and respectable job that paid a lot of money and to have fancy, expensive stuff to show for it. So we both dressed for success and grew more miserable every year. Continue reading

My Career in a Nutshell, Part 2

Missed Part 1? Catch up here.

Remember the bumper sticker that read The One Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins? That line of BS was the motto of what I call The American Dream, version 1.0. I fell for it. Did you? This version of The American Dream was fairly simple and straightforward, which was a big part of its’ appeal for me.

Five Basic Tenants of The American Dream, Version 1.0

  1. Make a lot of money. The more, the better.
  2. Make a lot of money as quickly as possible. You might get hit by a bus and die next Tuesday. If you haven’t made a lot of money by then, you’ll die a loser just like everybody else who got hit by buses on Tuesday. Or something like that.
  3. Buy a lot of stuff so that everybody else knows you’ve made lots of money. You could always wear a T-Shirt with “I have a lot of money” printed on it, but then you’d look like an idiot. Besides, buying stuff is much more convincing. Other people will like looking at your stuff and wish they had it. Continue reading

My Career in a Nutshell, Part 1

Round One Goes to the Smart-Ass in the
Faded Jeans and T-Shirt

…Losing My Balls

By the time I got to high school, I knew a lot of kids who already had their lives and careers planned out. They had known for years what they wanted to be “when they grew up.” They really pissed me off. I knew I didn’t want a job that would require me to wear a dress and uncomfortable shoes. Beyond that, my future was a mystery.

The only thing I’d ever felt I had any natural talent for in school was reading and writing. I kept that bit of information to myself. Had I gone around reading and writing in front of people, I was sure I’d be banned from the cool kid table in the cafeteria. And let me tell you…I was way too smart to let that happen! Continue reading

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m a Quitter!

Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. Okay, seriously… Most of what you’ll come to learn about me (including my super hero powers) will probably come from reading this blog and anything else I’ve written that you may come across on the Internet. But to give you some generalities, I’m male, for starters. And though I feel like I’m 30, I’m actually 41 years old and I’m just an ordinary guy. But I’m going to do something completely radical, even though it defies reason. I’m going to quit my job! Continue reading

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