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Don’t Believe the Happiness Lie!


We are a unique breed, those of us who are currently trying to develop work-from-home income or start a micro business, etc. Many of us just want to increase our income but I think the majority of us want to be free from having to work 40 hours per week for someone else. But there is a danger in the process that, if not recognized, can cause a great deal of stress and even make you miserable or lead to depression.

Are We There Yet?

It has been said in many ways that life is a journey, not a destination. The point is meant to remind us to enjoy the journey, to stop and smell the roses, etc. But how often do we really remember to do so? If you are in the process of “getting something going” that may eventually start generating income, that’s pretty exciting. But are holding your breath? Is your life on hold until your “ship comes in?” I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve beaten this habit. I still find myself doing it, probably less than most people, but it still rears its ugly head from time to time. I find myself dreaming of what the future will be like when I’ve accomplished my goal. While there’s nothing wrong with that, in general, it can be a problem if you feel that the only way to be happy is when you reach that future goal and until you’ve arrived, your happiness is on hold.

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Motivation and You: Make Your Life Awesome!

Motivation series conclusion. Click introduction to start at the beginning.

Over the past few months, I’ve been writing a series of posts on motivation. There isn’t really a way to cover such a deep and sometimes perplexing subject in only several posts. However, I tried to frame some of what I view as the most essential pieces of the motivation puzzle in such a way that you can read any single post and benefit from it, or you could read the entire collection and, perhaps, experience a paradigm shift. That was my intention and I hope I succeeded.

Motivation Summaries

Looking back on this series, I wanted to revisit each post and give an excerpt as well as add a few additional thoughts. Clicking on the title of each post will take you directly to the full version.

Change Occurs from the Inside Out

“It’s simple, really. What you think affects how you act. Everything you do consciously begins, first, with the thought of doing it. Certain thoughts of a specific quality, when habitually repeated, result in certain habits of behavior. Where you are today in life is a result of your habitual thoughts followed by habitual actions. You cannot consistently feed your mind negative thoughts and expect positive results.”

This is about the nature of how we change and evolve as a result of our habits of thought. This relates to motivation at its deepest level because motivation is so closely tied to how we process everything that happens to us—every experience we have or observe other people having—and how we think about ourselves. In order for any meaningful change to occur in our lives, we’re usually going to need to start at the core level of who we are and what we think about ourselves—our capabilities, our self-worth, our skills, how smart we think we are, how well-liked we perceive ourselves to be. If you wonder why you aren’t very motivated, look in these corners of your beliefs, first.

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Accountability – A Secret Key to Motivation and Goal Achievement

Motivation Series, Part 7. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.

While conviction may be the heart and soul of motivation, accountability is like the magic pill. All goals need conviction—the power and drive that comes from firmly choosing to take action while not leaving room for anything but your expressed outcome. But the truth is, not all of the goals we set are goals in which we, ourselves, are personally interested. Sometimes we have to set goals that we are required or obligated to pursue by way of our job or personal associations. Then there are goals that we set in which the outcome is truly desired but we haven’t yet developed the conviction required to assure that we will achieve it. This is where accountability plays an important role. Let’s look at a few examples that most people have experienced where accountability has helped to motivate us—sometimes kicking and screaming—to reach a desired outcome.

School Assignments: You may have put them off until the last minute, but ultimately, you were (or still are) being held accountable by your teacher. Knowing that you were being graded or that you risked failing the class (which then led to much bigger problems) was just the right kind of accountability that motivated you to complete your assignments most of the time.

On the Job: If you’ve ever had a job, whether pet-sitting for a neighbor, or working for a Fortune 500 company, you were being held accountable for your work output and overall effectiveness every single work day. Your continued employment depended on completing tasks on time. Your raises were likely based on how effectively you did your job. If you missed a deadline or a required task, you were held accountable for that too. You were even being held accountable for getting out of bed and just showing up at work. Continue reading

Conviction: Tap the Amazing Power that You Possess to Instantly Change Your Life—Forever!

Motivation Series, Part 6. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. 


Conviction is critical to motivation. In this post, I’m going to cover how to use conviction to instantly quit smoking (forever!), or how to start a diet and stick with it, and how to set any goal and increase your chance of success to nearly 100%. I say “nearly” because I cannot control your understanding of the concepts I’ll be covering; and I cannot control what kind of goals you have and whether or not outside forces could physically interfere with the attainment of your goal. So, let’s get started…

At your command is potentially the single greatest power you could possess when trying to increase your motivation or accomplish any goal. That power is conviction. Put simply, conviction is a firmly-held belief or opinion. It’s also sometimes called “determination”, “drive” or “will power”. But contained within your conviction is the ability to break new ground in your life, to transform your landscape, and to move mountains.

Conviction is often determined by purpose. When your actions are not in alignment with your purpose, you are more likely to follow the path of least resistance which can drain you of vitality and happiness. When you are following your purpose or principles, you will have a deeper sense of fulfillment in life and will be less likely to need an external boost by giving in to your cravings. Until your purpose and actions are aligned, you will struggle to make progress in the most meaningful areas of your life. This alignment activates conviction. And this is the secret of every great person who has ever walked the face of the earth; they acted with the strength and power of their conviction. And this is a power you also posses! Continue reading

Do You Overlook Small Details that Impact Motivation and Success?

Motivation Series, Part 5. Check out part 1, part 2, part 3, & part 4.

You want to stop eating sweets but you keep a jar of M&Ms on your desk. You honestly want to quit smoking but you have packs of cigarettes lying in every corner of your life so that you’re never far from that temptation. You want to start paying down some debt yet you keep several credit cards with you at all times. These details often go overlooked but have a very big impact on your level of motivation and success. Ignoring these small details often means the difference between progress and frustration.

Little, Tiny, Baby Steps

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, does it matter how big your feet are? Nope. Does it matter how big your steps are? Nope, again. The truth is, the only thing that matters is that you take a step…then another…and another. One little, tiny, baby step is just as good as a giant leap; you’re still moving forward.

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Instant and Unlimited Enthusiasm!

Motivation Series, Part 4. Check out part 1, part 2 & part 3.

Motivation and enthusiasm are two ends of the same stick. While it’s great to be enthusiastic about your goals, enthusiasm alone will never supply enough power to keep your motivation at full throttle. Enthusiasm, as it turns out, is the fuel that powers your acceleration, creates drive, and generates momentum; but when your fuel runs out, the engine stops.

Supply and Demand

Enthusiasm—like a tank of gas—lasts about a week, maybe two. It’s basic supply and demand; if you want to reach your goal (your destination), you’re going to need to refuel periodically to keep yourself in high gear. Don’t know how? Read on. Continue reading

Nine Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

I was recently invited by Dane Carlson to write a guest post at his Business Opportunities Weblog. The title of my post is, Nine Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals.  Here is an excerpt:

Do you set goals or at least a resolution every year, or do you avoid it because you never accomplish anything? Perhaps you’re setting the wrong goals; or maybe you’re taking the wrong approach.

While there isn’t one perfect way to set goals, there are ways to increase your chances of success. These tips come from personal experience-the best teacher.

  1. Only set a few meaningful goals that you are serious about achieving, goals that will have a big impact on your life if you were to accomplish them.
  2. Think about where you want to be in the future and set goals that will move you in that direction.
  3. Once your goals are set, focus on the most important one as your primary goal.
  4. Write out a broad, step-by-step plan on how you will achieve your primary goal.
  5. Work on subordinate goals as time, energy, and enthusiasm permits.

This is just a little teaser. The really juicy stuff comes next.  Each tip is addressed in detail and they’ve been called “awesome tips” so don’t miss out. You could look at goal-setting in a whole new way. To read the entire post, click here.

If you check it out, please leave a comment and tell me what you think or share your favorite goal-setting tips.