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Update: Overcoming Obstacles Without Giving Up


Whew! It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on our progress toward starting our businesses and quitting our jobs; we’re definitely overdue. I actually recorded a video update since our last update but I wasn’t happy with the outcome. The lighting was so poor, I couldn’t bring myself to post it here. But I’m using a new video camera and I’m still learning how to best use it. Anyway, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I want to start with a little background before I get into specifics.

My computer has been getting progressively more feeble over the past 6 months. It finally got to the point where I was struggling to do almost everything because my computer was getting so slow and flaky. So I finally decided enough was enough and I bought a new computer (a high-end Alienware computer, BTW). My old computer was also an Alienware but I had it for several years. Presently, I’m still working on porting over everything from my old computer to my new one, so that’s slowing me down a bit, but my computer is 10x more powerful. So this change will pay off very soon in terms of productivity while on my computer.

Tammy and I recently spent a little more than a week visiting my family in Michigan. It was totally a blast and we ended up getting addicted to Rock Band. Sometimes, it’s great to step away from your projects so you can get a fresh perspective. On that note, we have some exiting news, but Tammy will cover that in a separate post soon. I’m certain that you will understand why it’s exciting and it also may help you take a big, meaningful step that you may be struggling to complete. Keep watching for this important post! Okay, now for the business progress update. Here’s what’s new since our last update: Continue reading

Doing Nothing Won’t Change Your Life

Though I realize that this statement probably isn’t a news flash to anyone who reads here, sometimes it helps to be reminded of what inspired you to want to change your life. If my hunch is correct, you found A Couple of Quitters because you were searching for something. Maybe you don’t even know exactly what it is that you’re searching for. But I’m pretty certain that the impulse that started you out on your journey to find or create more meaning in your life began because you hate your job. Even if it’s not that, there’s something missing in your life and it probably relates to your present work or unemployment status.

A Clean Slate
There are a whole lot of people who are reflecting on their lives and wondering what they’ve accomplished. But I’m here to tell you that spending your time thinking about the past is worse than making the choices which created it in the first place. Let’s do something right here and now. Let’s wipe the slate clean. The past is in the past and there’s nothing you can do about it. But this moment, my friend, is special. What you do in the next moment is totally up to you. What you do in ten seconds is completely your choice. Where you spend your precious time next week is something in which you have a vote. Give yourself permission to stop thinking about how your sucky choices have created less than what you expected of yourself in life. And start doing the very thing you’ve been considering…DO SOMETHING!

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Self-Employment Progress Update Video

We got a new toy (a groovy HD camcorder…with a remote!) so I decided to do a video update this week.  I really think the remote option should come with every flip-type camcorder. With more and more people doing videos on their blogs and websites, It makes sense to be able to sit in your chair and be able to start and stop recording without getting up or fiddling with your keyboard. I’ll do a review for our video camera after I’ve had some time to get more familiar with it. So far, I’m impressed with it, especially for doing blog videos. But you’ll have to let me know what you think. Does it work here or not?

Progress Overview

Overall, our frustrations with blog design and time management continue to be a thorn in our sides. However, we’re still making progress and we’re pretty excited about what we’re doing. You’ve gotta be stoked about your passion, otherwise, the first brick of frustration would knock you right out of the game. But we’re not going anywhere, except straight ahead, steady and strong.

My Challenges of Starting a Business While Working Full-Time

Hey, everybody! I just wanted to post an update on things. Also, I want to share some of my observations on the challenges of starting a business while working a full-time job. When we started this blog, our goal was to share our journey with others who might also be starting an online business or thinking about starting one. This process doesn’t have to take years, but if you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably aware that we launched this blog over a year ago and we still haven’t officially launched our businesses. However, we have set up our LLCs, got our state business licenses, bought our domain names and hosting and we’re presently working on designing our blogs (which has turned out to be more challenging than expected – more about this in a minute). So this update is going to focus on where we are presently and what difficulties we’re facing along the way.

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Weekly Update: Self-Employment Progress

update-thumb.jpgJanuary 2010 is here. I hope you’ve all taken the time to set some important goals for the new year. If you want to start a business, work for yourself, and ditch your 40 hours/week ball and chain, you’re going to have to get really clear on what steps to take to make that a reality. Also, you should try to set up some kind of accountability to keep you in the hot seat and keep you making progress. That’s partly why we started this blog. We want others to be able to learn something from our experiences as well as hold us accountable for our actions (or non-actions). That’s also why we try to do weekly updates about our progress and goals for each week. Tammy and I enjoyed the holiday season and took a couple guilt-free weeks off. That was totally needed and very refreshing. But now we’ve rolled up our sleeves and are getting in gear again. So for starters, I’ll bring you up to speed on our activities since the last update.

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Blog Design – Part 2: Don’t Miss These Resources!

For those of you who are planning to start your own Internet-based businesses, you’re going to need a blog because you’ll more than likely be using a blog to promoting your product or service. What I covered in part 1 should give you a firm starting point in blog design for beginners. I covered many questions that you should ask yourself when you begin to think about how your blog will look and function, as well as the purpose of your blog. But when you’re new to blog design, it can be overwhelming and can leave you confused at times. And when we are confused, we’re less likely to follow through. But you want to have a successful Online business with a blog that gives you credibility and authority, right? So, in order to help you do that, I’m going to share some resources for taking the basics of blog design and expanding on them. The tools and resources provided here will be a companion to blog design theory from part 1. You’re not going to want to miss these resources, they are some of the best on the Internet! Please note that some links are affiliate links (as noted by hovering over the link) and simply give us credit for referring you. So let’s get right into some awesome resources…

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Blog Design For New Blogs and Internet Businesses, Part 1

Our efforts continue to figure out what we want our blogs to look like. Do we want a two- or three-column blog? Slick or muted graphics? Textured, 3D look or subtle and spacious? And then there’s the color scheme to consider. Do we take the time to learn about blog design so we can do everything ourselves or do we get help?

Tammy and I are weighing out these choices carefully. The process is made tougher when we see these really slick-looking sites with neat, flashy graphic things going on where the graphics just seem to burst to life on the computer screen and dazzle the imagination. We do so enjoy the creative talent that goes into designing these one-of-a-kind blogs. It grabs our attention and then we start blissfully spinning out of control.

Eventually, we come to our senses again and put our feet back on the ground and pull our thinking caps back onto our feeble and overwhelmed heads. So what are we actually considering when making these choices for our own individual blogs? I’ll share with you some of what we’re thinking about as we’re going through this process. This is, by no means, comprehensive, but it’s a place to start, especially when you’re just getting started. This post will cover some of the basics of blog design. First, I’ll talk about the marriage between your audience and the purpose of your blog. Who are the people you want to find your blog and what interest or need has brought them to your blog? Next, I’ll talk about visual communication. What is the unspoken message you want your blog to convey to your readers when they arrive? What is the first impression you want to create in the minds of your readers and how do you create it?  I’ll conclude by giving you a collection of great resources for more education and tools for help with blog design. So, let’s get started…

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