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Hurray we did it!

Rock Your Discipline for Online Business Success


How’s your discipline? Mine sucks. Yet I’ve still managed to start a business and launch a blog. And I’m working on my first ebooks. What really sucks, though, is that I probably could be further along with all my business activities if I had better discipline. Even with a 40-hours-per-week day job, I could get so much more accomplished if I were more focused, more organized, and more responsible with my time.

So I’m here to give you a warning…and an invitation. It takes a special breed of person to start an online business and not succumb to blog-fade (where you slowly stop posting until your blog is just a memory…a bad memory). Continue reading

Take action

Less Info, More Action

Listen up, all you Internet business information junkies out there! It’s time for a little cold, hard reality; time for a slap in the face; time for some tough love.

How long have you been thinking about starting a blog or even an Internet business empire? How long have you been reading all the blogs from all the gurus of Internet business? You’ve been devouring all the latest business podcasts and you’ve sunk quite a few dollars into books, online courses, and all the latest whiz-bang techno-gadgets designed to help you get your blog and Internet business going fast.

Yet, here you are, still consuming more information, still planning, still brainstorming…and still no business. Continue reading


Looking Back at 2010

Since we started this blog, we’ve been trying to keep you all up to date with our activities to let you know how close we are to becoming a couple of quitters. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that this blog serves as a journal for us as we strive to start Internet businesses and make enough money to be able to quit our day jobs. The blog also allows us to share what we learn in the form of tools, tips, and lessons gleaned from our experiences.

The Blog Launch

Last year on Independence Day (here in the US, that’s July 4th), I launched In case you’re wondering, yes, I did choose to launch on that day for symbolic purposes. Since I still have a day job and work 40 hours per week or more, I’ve learned a few things about the entire process of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur. I’ll share some of those lessons in a future post. For now, I want to bring you up to speed. Continue reading

Blog Crash and Recovery

ErrorHey, gang. I know a lot of you were wondering what happened to A Couple of Quitters blog. As many of you know, the site was down for almost 2 weeks. Tammy and I were more than a bit on edge as we worked to get things back in order. Well, I say worked but we haven’t actually been doing the work. Someone from our web host was working behind the scenes to help us solve the issue. Technically, we had lost ALL of our blog posts, but we have a couple database backup programs running, which may have saved the day because it looks like we were able to get all the blog posts back. Whew!! Although, we lost a few comments, which stinks! Anyway, we’ll be back soon to fill in more details. For now, please be patient while we work to get the last few pieces back in place.

Thanks for your patience. Continue reading

Announcing Behavior and Motivation – My New Blog is Live

At the time of this blog post, it’s Independence Day in the United States. Today is also the day I chose as my target day to launch my new blog. Symbolically, the launch of my new blog, Behavior and Motivation, represents another big step toward personal independence. I’m so excited that I was able to launch the blog today. Even though I still have some tweaking to do, It’s mostly done. And even though I had to find a balance between my original vision and what I could actually pull off, I’m very satisfied with the results. I’ve got big plans for Behavior and Motivation. I’ll be writing about them in the future. But for now, I’m happy to finally launch it and move into the next phase.

If you stop by my new blog, there is a Guestbook where you can leave general comments. It’s like the “wall” in Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, I have a fan page for my blog too. Go here to check that out. Anyway, I’m happy to share this exciting news. Let me know what you think of it.

Time for Another Money Give Away – Will You Be the One?

Hi everybody. This post is going to be short and sweet. If you’re a regular reader, you know that Tammy and I are about to launch our blogs and start our Internet business empires. Right now, we’re in the process of writing content, and planning our subscriber email content.

Speaking of email subscriptions, we’ve selected AWeber to handle all of our email marketing. Neither of us have actually signed up for our accounts yet. That’s where you come in. Whether you’re a long-time, regular reader, or you’ve found our site today for the first time, the first person who leaves their AWeber affiliate link in the comments of this post will win the contest. If you win, that means we’ll use your affiliate link when we’re ready to sign up for the service, which means YOU will get 2 commission payments: once when I use the link, and once when Tammy uses it. I don’t know if the AWeber commission is recurring (meaning, you’ll receive a commission monthly for as long as we’re both paying for the service), but if it is, that means more money for you. And we’ll all live happily ever after.

Email Opt-in Lists and List Management Services

Anyone who wants to start an Internet business is obviously going to need a presence on the Internet in the form of a general website or a blog, which is the best way to create a community of like-minded people in the niche of your choice. Blogs are a great choice because of the communication potential due to regular blog posts and the ability of readers to leave comments. This open form of communication is essential to an Internet-based business. But this communication isn’t only done via blog posts.

Another popular and equally essential way to communicate with your readers is to offer them the opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter or other form of periodic communication through email. By adding an email/newsletter opt-in on your blog, you’re adding more depth to your communication. The people who tend to subscribe to this level of communication are typically more interested than passer-by readers. These people are your core subscribers and are the most important to the success of your blog and business. When you have the eyes and ears of a core group of die-hard followers via an email subscribe list, it is extremely important that you treat this email list like gold and be grateful to every single person who subscribes to your list. Fortunately, there are service providers who make the whole job of email marketing and list management do-able and affordable! Continue reading