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Who We Are

We are husband and wife. We’re frustrated, tired, bored, unfulfilled, and well, pretty much just done with the whole “don’t love the job, but it pays the bills,” 40-hour-work-week gig. So, we’ve decided to stop doing it. Just like that. Well, sort of…

Why We’re Here

Our goal is to quit our “rat race” jobs and re-design our lives. If you’re anything like us, you’ve wanted to do the same thing for years but were afraid to try, or didn’t know where or how to begin. Well, that’s where it gets interesting. We really don’t have a clue either. But, we have decided not to let fear hold us back any longer. If we never start, we’ll still be wishing and wondering years from now. So, we’ll figure out the details as we go along. We’ve been working on this for a while (we started this blog in 2009). Feel free to watch. Hopefully it won’t be like passing a car wreck where you hope nobody got hurt, but you just have to stop and stare at the carnage anyway.

We’re going to blog about this process as it unfolds. If you’re already a successful Quitter, maybe you’ve got some advice for the rest of us. If you’re a wanna-be Quitter, perhaps you can learn from our mistakes. There will be plenty! We’re not holding anything back. You’ll be able to read about every crazy idea we dream up, every hair-brained plan we put into action, every failure (there may be one or two along the way), and all of our tremendous successes … what, you’ve never heard of the power of positive thinking??

Since you’ve found your way here, you may as well grab a seat and get comfortable. You can follow our journey, share your own, find inspiration, or just have a few chuckles at our expense. Whatever brings you here…


Welcome to Q2 … you just stepped in a puddle of our life.


Oh…you’re still here. What…you want to know more?

Ok, you asked for it…

Thanks for checking me out.



Hi, I’m Scott. I’m your typical 40-something guy. Born in Detroit, Michigan, I moved to central Virginia in 1999. I attended college on and off over the years. But because I couldn’t make up my mind what career I wanted to pursue, I have yet to finish. It really doesn’t help when you’re trying to choose a career based on all the wrong values, most of which revolve around making more and more money while putting your hopes and dreams on the back burner. Sick!

Currently, I’m working in manufacturing. It’s a decent job and pays fairly. But it is so completely opposite of who I am and what I aspire to be. I’ve always been a dreamer and pretty optimistic, in spite of the obstacles that may appear in my path. I’ve had some good jobs over the years and had some great, life-shaping experiences. However, there was always a sense of urgency behind every job; I knew I wasn’t following my heart and soul.

So what’s my goal now? For starters, I quit! I’m through chasing dreams that aren’t mine. I’m finished following the crowd like a long line of cattle heading for the slaughterhouse and eventually winding up on someone’s dinner table. I’m not ready to be dead meat. So I’m taking my life into my own hands. I’m trading in status quo for work-from-home. I’m trading a regular, dependable paycheck doing something I don’t want to do for the potential to earn even more doing anything (and everything) I love to do!

When Tammy and I launched this blog, I had no clue what I wanted to do. But over time, after much soul-searching, it became clearer and clearer where I wanted to go with all of this. There is a part of me who has been helping people for many years. And while I never really knew how to make what I’m passionate about my main source of income, through this journey so far, I have learned how to be true to myself in a way that should also allow me to earn a living and to quit my day job while doing what I love.

Whoa! Hold on there…I haven’t actually quit my job yet! :-) I’m still working my plan and I’ve started making a little money…very little money, but every little bit counts, right? Rest assured, I have the grit and the intestinal fortitude to see this through to the end….and I’m well on my way to proclaiming to the world…[insert voice echo]… I…AM…A QUITTER!

At any rate, this should be interesting. 


Tammy Quitter



Hi, I’m Tammy. I was born and raised in central Virginia. I have a BS degree in Operations Management and Quality Management – majors I chose because my employer would pay for my education only if it was job-related. I hope I never use that degree. I don’t really want to be an Operations Manager or Quality Manager. It was a free education, and it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

 I worked 3rd shift for more than 15 years when I was stuck in the “rat-race”.  That was more than enough of that. Most of my work experience has been in manufacturing. It was steady, but not exactly life-affirming work. A few years ago, I realized that I was living  the American Dream, version 1.0 – the crap I was led to believe way-back-when. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, too. Up to that point, I had pretty much dedicated most of my life trying to make more money from whatever job came along, so I could pay my bills, which come along with irritating consistency. For most of my adult life, I’ve made a lot of choices based on the belief that more money = more success = more happiness. Remember the bumper sticker that read The One Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins? Yeah, that was the motto of American Dream 1.0.

I’m not particularly thrilled with how this approach to life has worked out for me. It hasn’t. Sure, I can pay my bills, I live in a decent house, I’m not starving or anything. But there’s something missing. My life isn’t as fulfilling as it could (or should) be. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not doing what I’m passionate about. I spend so much time and effort on the crap I don’t enjoy, that there’s nothing left in me for anything else.

I’ve reached the conclusion that this version of the American Dream is 13 shades of suck, and I am in desperate need of an upgrade.

My new goal is to be a successful Quitter. That is, I want to get out of the Rate-Race and make the same (or more) money doing things I actually enjoy, during the hours I want to work, preferable from home while drinking coffee in my PJs. Yeah, that’s more like it.

I’m currently working from home full-time as an independent contractor. I set my own hours and I can take time off whenever I want to, so the job gives me more freedom than my past “rat race” jobs. But it’s still a J-O-B. I feel like I’m closer, but still not quite making a living on my own terms.

Since starting this blog, I’ve played around with a few of the popular methods of “making  money online.” I continue to play around with those ideas. However, I have finally decided to redirect my efforts to something I’ve been passionate about – but for some reason avoiding – for many years. In 2012, one of my major goals is to pursue being a writer. So, as I switch gears (yet again!) I’ll continue to share my  journey here on Quitters. Wish me luck!



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