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Rock Your Discipline for Online Business Success


How’s your discipline? Mine sucks. Yet I’ve still managed to start a business and launch a blog. And I’m working on my first ebooks. What really sucks, though, is that I probably could be further along with all my business activities if I had better discipline. Even with a 40-hours-per-week day job, I could get so much more accomplished if I were more focused, more organized, and more responsible with my time.

So I’m here to give you a warning…and an invitation. It takes a special breed of person to start an online business and not succumb to blog-fade (where you slowly stop posting until your blog is just a memory…a bad memory).

First, the Warning

It’s hard enough to succeed in Internet business and work-at-home blog ventures even with discipline. So if you’re a casual reader here and you’re checking out your options for making money online, I suggest you really start knuckling down on your discipline now, before things get too overwhelming. Believe me, you’ll have moments when you think you’re in over your head. But if you can remain calm and not ‘what if’ it to death, you can get past those moments.

If, however, you are desperate to make money online and your place is a mess (by place I mean wherever you use your computer), and on top of that, you have absolutely zero discipline, I suggest you go play in a busy intersection instead…it takes no discipline to get anywhere. It’s like, >>BOOM!<< and you’re there. You’re unconscious, but, hey, look how far you’ve come.

Now, An Invitation

I am definitely going to improve my discipline this year. Not only that, but I’m going to ROCK the discipline like nobody’s business. I’ve started reading a couple books (I’ll talk more about this later), and I’m gathering my resources and starting to lay the groundwork for better discipline. I’m letting you in on this thing before I have it all figured out. So, if you want to rock your discipline, you should follow my progress and start working on your discipline along with me.

I’m going to be writing a lot about discipline on my Behavior and Motivation blog. So that’s the best place to follow my progress. Look for my current post, In Search of Discipline–A Personal Journey. Stop by, read the post, and tell me in the comments section that you’re working on your discipline too. Maybe we can learn from each other.

Having awesome discipline is probably one of the most important qualities you can have if you’re hoping to succeed in your Internet-based business. You’ve been forewarned, now fix it!

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