Blog Crash and Recovery


ErrorHey, gang. I know a lot of you were wondering what happened to A Couple of Quitters blog. As many of you know, the site was down for almost 2 weeks. Tammy and I were more than a bit on edge as we worked to get things back in order. Well, I say worked but we haven’t actually been doing the work. Someone from our web host was working behind the scenes to help us solve the issue. Technically, we had lost ALL of our blog posts, but we have a couple database backup programs running, which may have saved the day because it looks like we were able to get all the blog posts back. Whew!! Although, we lost a few comments, which stinks! Anyway, we’ll be back soon to fill in more details. For now, please be patient while we work to get the last few pieces back in place.

Thanks for your patience.

One thought on “Blog Crash and Recovery”

  1. Big THANKS! to support for helping us get our blog back! Lesson learned. I will not fiddle with things I know nothing about. Well…not for a while. And only after doing a thorough backup! :)

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