Weekly Update: Self-Employment Progress


update-thumb.jpgJanuary 2010 is here. I hope you’ve all taken the time to set some important goals for the new year. If you want to start a business, work for yourself, and ditch your 40 hours/week ball and chain, you’re going to have to get really clear on what steps to take to make that a reality. Also, you should try to set up some kind of accountability to keep you in the hot seat and keep you making progress. That’s partly why we started this blog. We want others to be able to learn something from our experiences as well as hold us accountable for our actions (or non-actions). That’s also why we try to do weekly updates about our progress and goals for each week. Tammy and I enjoyed the holiday season and took a couple guilt-free weeks off. That was totally needed and very refreshing. But now we’ve rolled up our sleeves and are getting in gear again. So for starters, I’ll bring you up to speed on our activities since the last update.

Currently, Tammy is doing contract work for Lionbridge, which means she’s working part-time from home. She has also been researching and setting up accounts with wholesalers, hoping to find some physical products to sell to her target market.  She’s also been researching various e-commerce options. Expect to read more about this in the near future. I’ve been working overtime at my day job which makes it more difficult to move forward as fast as I would like. However, I have a job working 40 hours per week and I accept that fact. As much as I want to quit my day job and work for myself, we have bills to pay and other financial responsibilities so I’m not going to get ahead of myself and quit prematurely. I know that this is the route that some take and that’s okay if they can make it work, but I wont risk my credit score and stable finances by rushing this process. I’m just going to keep making as much progress as I can within the limits of the circumstances I find myself in. One thing is certain, the only thing that can stop me from reaching my goals is if I stop making progress. As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Then it’s a matter of taking another step…and another…

Tammy and I have both started playing around with developing our blog themes. With the recent successful conclusion of our logo design contests at 99Designs, we now have the logos for our sites and we’re trying to figure out how to get our blogs to look and function the way we want them too. Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s better to pay someone to do something for you or to do it yourself. Neither of us know how to code a blog. Headway makes a lot of it easier but we still have to weigh out whether we should take the time to study the stuff we don’t understand yet or pay someone to customize our sites for us. Since we don’t have unlimited funds, that decision isn’t so easy to make. I don’t have a lot of spare time so paying someone to customize my blog to my specifications might make sense. But I want to learn how to do it myself, so I don’t mind taking the time to learn. But, again, spare time is something I don’t have a lot of laying around these days. So we’re trying to balance this out by doing whatever we can first and see where it leads us. If we have to pay someone for a little help, we’ll do it when we reach that point.

Other than blog design, I’ve begun posting to my blog, and again, here is that time issue. Should I focus my time only on blog design to speed that process up, or take the time to write blog posts which will put me ahead when I officially launch my blog? Right now, I’m opting for doing a little of both. Ultimately, it won’t matter once I launch my blog (I don’t think). But, at this stage in my business creation,  I feel like I’m walking a tight rope.

Next Week:

  • More site design activities
  • More blog posting
  • More wholesale research
  • Start setting up social networking accounts (time permitting)
Weekly Update: Self-Employment Progress


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