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As a Quitter, I’m always on the lookout for resources, websites, books, podcasts and anything that will help me learn more about self-employment opportunities, work-from-home business options—anything that could lead to developing new sources of income and would result in being able to leave behind the work-a-day life I inherited as an American-born person. Some links lead to junk while others lead to gems. And recently, I found a very sparkly gem in the form of an ebook called, The Unconventional Guide for Working for Yourself (UGWY).

A Little World Domination Never Hurt Anyone

Before I tell you about The Unconventional Guide… written by Chris Guillebeau, I want to share with you the story of how I discovered it. Why? Because this is an example of someone who had a product to market and did everything right, which ultimately lead to a sale. If this isn’t proof that he knows how to work for himself, I don’t know what is.

Recently, my wife, Tammy, was reading the IttyBiz blog. IttyBiz is “a place to get tips, advice, motivation, and support for your very small business.” In a post that Tammy found on IttyBiz, Naomi Dunford said:

Once upon a time, maybe in November, my friend Chris Guillebeau wrote a post. Because it wasn’t appropriate for his blog (it’s way too short and it involves giving people the finger and that’s just not how he rolls at Art of Non-Conformity), he sent it to me.

(By the way, if you are one of the nine people on earth who have not read his ebook, you might want to pick it up. It’s called ‘The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself: Creating Personal Freedom through a Very Small Business’.)

That caught Tammy’s attention so she clicked on the link to the Art of Non-Conformity site. Aside from being impressed with the look and content of the site, she clicked a link that, again, caught her attention. It was a link to an ebook called “A Brief Guide to World Domination*”. World domination? Whatever it was about, Tammy began reading it and was enthralled by it…riveted even! Then she told me about the Manifesto, as it’s also known. She said, “this may be the first ebook that I literally couldn’t stop reading.” She read the whole thing, cover to cover, in one sitting.

Naturally, after she told me about it, I stopped at the Art of Non-Conformity to see what the hubbub was all about. Right when the web paged loaded, my eyes were treated to a warm, friendly website with a global-adventure feel. I made note of the smart design. Next, I began to scan for content. There again, I was treated to more eye-candy in the form of blog posts that beckoned me to read. I pushed aside my initial urge to start clicking on every post and read the entire site. I was there for the manifesto. I wanted to see for myself what the big deal was about World Domination. In my mind, I heard a voice-over…“Yes…and you, too, can be a Dictator…for only ‘one meellion dollars!’”

I made my way to the Manifesto, opened it up and began reading. I immediately noticed the subtitle: “How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World. *and other important goals”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to read it from cover to cover or I would have. Yeah, it’s that good! Oh…and it’s FREE! Did I say that already? Yeah, you heard me… it’s free! All I can say is “get it, read it, and live it!”

An Email Worth Thousands of dollars…or More!

Although this may seem like a very long way of reviewing an ebook, I really feel like the background story is meaningful. In order for you to appreciate my review of Chris Guillebeau’s ebook, UGWY, understanding how I came to purchase it is necessary. So, to continue my story, I read the Manifesto but didn’t stop there. As I said, there is plenty of content on his blog to keep you busy, especially if you want to live an unconventional life. So there I was reading the posts, his stories of how he’s living an unconventional life, knowing that I would be keeping up with this guy. I signed up for his email updates. And, no surprise, I have been enjoying his updates and site…and we all lived happily ever after!

WAIT, that’s not the end of the story! I began getting his updates via email and in the sidebar of an email, I saw a box that listed some product offerings, one of which included something called the “Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself”. Well, this got me thinking. I am, in fact, in the process of setting up the right conditions so that I can work for myself. Who wouldn’t want to quit their job and work for themselves? Bravo to anyone who loves their job and doesn’t want to go solo. But that’s not me. So here’s a guy who, not only is doing exactly what I WANT TO DO, but he’s never had a traditional, 40-hour per week job in his life. He’s been doing his own thing, living unconventionally, for years. So I reasoned that he might actually know a few things that could be useful. So I clicked on the link in my email.

The Unconventional Guide Art of Working for Yourself

image If it can be said that living life on your own terms is an art form, then Chris Guillebeau is a master artist. After I clicked that link, I found myself looking at a pitch page (wait…don’t run off yet…keep reading, trust me, it will be worth it!). The purpose of a pitch page is to sell something. If you are successful, you will make a sale, bottom line. I have to admit, I don’t usually warm up to pitch pages very easily. But, this page was an exception. Why? While reading it, I didn’t get the feeling that I was simply being sold. Nobody likes to be sold…it feels so cold and you can imagine the seller (if there actually is a real person behind the pitch page) reclining in an easy chair saying, “sucker!”

On this page, however, Chris spoke plainly. I got the feeling that he was honestly promoting something that he felt could be of great value for the right kind of person. I got the feeling that he really cared about giving more value in the contents of his ebook than the amount I would have to pay to get it. What’s more, he guaranteed to give me a refund if I didn’t think the book was worth the price.

So, I’ve set the scene…I’m reading a pitch page that, itself, seems unconventional to me because it seems personal and honest and definitely not manipulative. Then there’s “The Incredibly Convincing Guarantee” that made me feel I had absolutely nothing to lose from buying this ebook…in fact, I could gain quite a lot. So I had to ask myself, was this ebook for me? And if you consider checking out his pitch page (details below) and think about buying this ebook, you’re going to ask yourself the same question. This might get you started:

If you…

  • Are interested in quitting the daily grind of working 8+ hours per day
  • Are interested in establishing a very small business (or several)
  • Would prefer working for yourself
  • Want to set your own hours
  • Aren’t afraid of hard work so you can create your dream life
  • Are ready to put dreams into action

Then you’ll likely find this to be an excellent and even indispensible guide. On the other hand:

If you…

  • Are happy with your current job (nothing wrong with that)
  • Are a savvy Internet Marketer or established entrepreneur
  • Are not willing to put your dreams into action

Then you may want to wait for the movie version. Seriously, if you fit the second profile, good for you. I’m guessing this book isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you fit into the other category and can think of no better career than working for yourself, this ebook might be just the thing you need to get started. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Make Money, Avoid Mistakes

In addition to getting tips and ideas I could apply right away—including some businesses I could start at any time thereby establishing new sources of income (without having to punch a time clock or sit in a cubicle)—there are invaluable links, lessons learned from personal experience that can help you avoid making the same mistakes, and ideas to help guide you to finding your passion and turning it into your career. In my own personal example, I am developing an ebook product, which I’ve written about recently. I can honestly say that based on information in the UGWY, I’m already way ahead because I can avoid making some mistakes or even having to do hours of research to figure out how to handle things like selling my ebook, setting up electronic downloads and more.

I wholeheartedly back this ebook. In fact, I feel that this book is so valuable that I emailed Chris and told him I wanted to support his effort of selling it because I believe it’s worth potentially far more than the price of purchase. That’s when I learned that he has an affiliate program. So I signed up. This means, if you click on this affiliate link I will earn a little money if you buy the ebook, Chris will earn money for providing an excellent product, and you will get potentially so much more. If you’re interested, I suggest you click the link, read the pitch page and see what you think. I would not be supporting it if I didn’t value it myself and didn’t think it was worth it. This ebook may be your best investment toward the unconventional life.


For those of you who purchase The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself by clicking on our affiliate link, you can use the discount code, “quitter” and receive 10% off the purchase price. If you buy it, or already own it, let us know what you think.

BUY NOW: The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself


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