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webcandy-thumb.pngI don’t know about you, but I consider myself an idea person. I suspect that most entrepreneurs or enterprising individuals probably consider themselves the same. If you’re in that category, then I suggest that you surf on over to Dane’s Carlson’s Business Opportunity Weblog. His site is a treasure-trove of start-up opportunities and real-life stories. It’s just the kind of site for people looking for a little inspiration or stimulation for their own enterprising ideas.

BOW has been serving the entrepreneur community since 2001. From the “About” page, the site is described as “a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is presented like a weblog with chronological archives and extensive outbound links.”

I discovered BOW while searching the Internet for work-from-home business ideas. Now, I visit his site several times each week to read great startup stories that are posted daily—which I find very inspiring. I love reading about how people accidentally found a need waiting to be filled and turned it into a product or service which resulted in a successful business as well as helping to improve lives in the process. Also, I’ve enjoyed reading the tips for starting a business or posts about how to avoid common mistakes when marketing, designing, or anything else related to starting a business. Most of the businesses you’ll read about are small startups that are having a big impact in their market or neighborhood.

Business Opportunities Weblog has quickly become one of my most frequented websites. Are you interested in starting a home-based business or considering starting a franchise? Maybe you’re looking for ideas for a startup business to generate extra income or add multiple streams of income to your existing self-employment empire. Whatever your reason, visit the site, read, leave comments and get inspired.

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    1. Mark,

      That’s great! I’m always happy to share anything I really geek-out on. Sounds like you have a pretty good list of related sites. Care to share any?


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